Cloud Computing and Internet Services

The “cloud” can be a mysterious place.  Although it’s afforded us a level of convenience and access that was hard to imagine but a few years ago, the multitude of available cloud services can make it difficult to understand which service is doing what!  While cloud computing has revolutionized the way that we store our personal data – like mail, contacts, calendars, and photos – most people are unaware of how it works.  It’s a great benefit that you don’t have to be a data storage engineer to use it effectively, but users are often frustrated when they have to set up a new account for every product or service that they purchase.  Furthermore, the cloud is more than just a place to store stuff.  Many cloud services have powerful, time-saving integrations that many users don’t know how to get the most from – but  This is something that we can better help you to understand and streamline – so that you can always know the quickest way to retrieve and share your prized data.