Security, Anti-Virus, and Backup

 If you’re like most people, your entire life is on your hard drive.  Losing your digital data – whether to a hacker or to a spilled drink – at best means losing memories, keep sakes, laughs.  Worse yet could be the loss or theft of financial data – maybe to a virus or a failed hard drive.  Either way, you stand to spend countless irredeemable and inconvenient hours as you scramble to piece your life back together from secondary sources.  It doesn’t have to be this way!  Let us strategize on your behalf and formulate for you a backup solution that will help you to sleep easy and get you back on track quickly if your data is lost!

Of course, having an active backup is only part of the cure.  Hackers don’t have to destroy your data to steal it from you – and their normal method of theft is through trojan horses that capture passwords, email addresses, account numbers, and more.  Most people are unaware of whether or not they have virus protection, but we can help you to be sure.  Call us today!