Microsoft Server

Servers are a complex beast and are seldom understood by even the most competent of business people.  In the simplest of scenarios, they store the mission-critical files which your business can’t operate without.  But in most cases, they perform a multitude of other functions – they control user behavior and host your company databases as well.  “Set-it-and-forget-it” is not a viable attitude to have towards your server, and too many small businesses forget about their servers until there’s a disaster that causes your business to screech to a halt.  Redundancy, updates, backups, patches, audits, and security are a few of the many elements that must be managed so that this doesn’t happen, and few business owners are equipped to handle this on their own.

When a workstation goes down, that user is out of commission, but when a server crashes, the whole office is out of business!  Time is money, and a server outage means a loss of both.  We custom-tailor solutions for each of our businesses that

Let The Silicon Valet get ahead of these issues on your behalf so that you (and your employees) can work without worry!